3 rules of fundraising

Day number 3 and we have 3 rules of fundraising for you! But what are they? Back during my work as a fundraiser, I used to remind myself of these rules constantly every time I had to pick the phone up to a prospective major donor or do a big fundraising event.

  1. If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Sounds obvious, but nonetheless very true! You’ll never know the chances you missed out on by simply not saying anything and being a bit shy. After all…

  1. The worst they can say is no

And that’s it! Not everyone will say yes, but a no can actually be quite useful - it lets you know that it’s not worth chasing that person anymore, (or at least not for a long time - because sometimes a no can be a “no for now”). And in any case…

  1. You are not asking for yourself

Don’t feel bad for asking! You’re asking for an amazing cause, and that money will make a real difference. You’re doing fantastic work as a fundraiser and never forget that!

The 3 rules!
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