Accounting codes for donations

As a nonprofit or charity, one of the most important duties you have is ensuring that the funds you receive are accounted for and properly attributed. This becomes particularly important if you have a large stream of donations and multiple projects on the go which you collect funds for separately from your core donations.

Part of doing this means keeping accurate records as contributions come in, with consistent accounting codes being applied in order to make it significantly easier to manipulate your transactions in whichever software you may be using.

Traditionally with spreadsheets, you might have to manually log these yourself as a donation comes in, a time-consuming task. Especially when you consider you’ve got to track which campaign a donation relates to, which might require multiple spreadsheets and a fair amount of manual remembering. 

One of the useful parts of a CRM is that once you configure your donation forms, codes are automatically logged, making it simple to export the data for use within your accounting system.

With CiviPlus your system can even automatically log different transactions on the same form under different codes!

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