Automate event follow-up

As we talked about yesterday and previously in our webinar on event automation,  there are definitely things on the day of an event that you can do to help it to succeed. But follow-up is a vital part of any event. And if you have a lot of attendees that can take a lot of time.

One of the best parts of a dedicated event management system (such as the one in CiviPlus!) is being able to automate follow-ups after events. You can set up them personalised templates using merge tags/tokens for user names and event the event title.

A follow-up might include any thanks yous, , an ask for a donation following the event, a recording if it’s a digital event, a feedback survey about the event, or even information about future events.

If you have this followup automated for the day after the event, that ensures your guests will receive personalised follow-up communications and gives you more time to handle any other more individual post event tasks that need dealing with such as PR, thanking speakers and following up with specific people you had conversations with at the event.

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