Check Volunteer availability with webforms

One of the key challenges of running any volunteer programme is understanding when they will and won’t be available so you can plan accordingly. This is just as true of organisations who use volunteers day in day out as those who draw from a pool of volunteers more sparingly for keystone events.

Traditionally this can be a tedious process, having to track down your volunteers individually, logging when they’re free, and then centralising the data afterwards to draw up your schedule.

But what if there was another way? With CRMs like CiviPlus you can automate emails to go out at appropriate times to your volunteers with forms you’ve created where they can log their availability. As they fill it in, it will be logged back in your CRM where you can easily export all the data on their availability and easily sort through it one place. You can even check specific volunteers’ availability directly from activities logged on their contact record.

All of this turns what is usually a time consuming manual process into a much simpler one!

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