Consider self service

Self-service portals can be incredibly useful, especially for membership organisations. Best of all, CiviPlus makes what might seem daunting super simple! It’s an inbuilt part of your CRM which can pull data through directly and let your supporters access an area that provides them with a tailored experience.

Beyond access to events, news, invoices and more, one of the most useful and simplest features it provides is allowing supporters to update their own details.

Traditionally if you want your supporters updated information they might have to ring you/send you an email noting a change of address or other similar change. This is something you will have to process manually, increasing the chance of unfortunate typos if taken over the phone, and adding lots of unnecessary extra time and tasks.

With a self-service portal, you provide the supporter with a quick easy interface to log into where they can update their details themselves without any involvement from yourself! Making it easier for your supporter makes them much more likely to do it and you’ve got yourself more accurate data and a reduced workload. Win-win!

An image of the CiviPlus self service portal
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