Portals open up the possibility to personalise

We’ve mentioned portals already on this calendar, but their uses go well beyond the simple updating of personal information. One of the truly ‘Plus’ parts of CiviPlus is its specially built portal, which we’ve seen so many nonprofits make fantastic use of.

One of the best conversations we have with new clients is when they realise just how easy it is to get their users signed up and benefitting from this fantastic self-service area which allows a whole new level of direct connection. You can make a truly tailored experience for members and supporters that directly speaks to their interests without significant extra work.

Based on the information you hold on them and groups you sort them into, you can highlight certain events to them, promote relevant news to them, and give them a hub where they can see a record of their history with you including any invoices and certificates they’ve received. You can even create a directory of specified members - something many trade bodies have found a very useful feature.

There’s a lot more to portals (such as committee areas!) and it’s an area we’re constantly working on to improve even further. But it’s a true game changer for many of the organisations we work with and can completely redefine and simplify their interactions with their supporters. If you don’t have currently have a web portal, we highly recommend looking into one to help spread your message.

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