If you’ve been to any of our webinars (and if not, check them out!), you’ll know we regularly talk about how important it is to segment your data. It’s truly the best way to know and talk to your audience.

Following on from our tip on day 1, once you have a good understanding of your audience, you’ll want to split them into categories so you can more easily send them specific communications. Start with obvious ones like geography, membership status or previous donation amounts.

Once you’ve built these segments within in your database you can do some digging down with specific reporting to see if there are any trends. But perhaps more immediately, you can craft more tailored  messages.

When emailing members, for example, you absolutely should be sending different content to people who’ve only just joined your mailing list. Tell your newest members about the great additional services they can now take advantage of, whereas any prospective members might receive a more simplified message of your strongest selling points.

Segmentation is the starting point of truly taking your messaging to the next level and spreading the word in a way that makes the most sense for your audience.

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