Send a New Year message with segmentation!

For our final door, we wanted to bring together several of the different tips we’ve put out so far on this calendar and talk about how you might actually use them.

New Year is a great example of a special occasion that you can communicate a personalised message to your supporters. Using the segmentation you’ll be putting in place you can tailor your message to really resonate with your audience.

What will they care about in the New Year? Is there something specific you’ll be doing soon in their area? Think about what content you have and what your goal is so that you can make a very engaging email that starts off the year on the best possible foot. For example, if you're looking to sign up more members - remember you might want to include a donation opportunity on the form. And don’t forget to think about your subject line!

Once you’ve got your mailing lists set up and your emails created, you can schedule them to go out at an appropriate time - consider when that might be! That way you’ve got everything set up to go in the New Year to make your supporters feel special and haven’t got to rush to create something once you’re back in the office.

And so ends our very first advent calendar! We hope you’ve found the tips useful and interesting and we wish you all a happy holiday season before we see you again in the New Year! 

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