Use custom fields to segment

We’ve talked about segmentation, creating dynamic lists, and keeping those all important ‘filter fields’ up to date. But as we hinted at in the ‘filter field’ tip, one of the most powerful ways to segment can be by using custom data.

Your CRM, by default, will have standard fields where you can enter data, such as name, email, address, employer etc. But custom fields let you add your own unique details to records. They’re also very easy to set up!

You could start collecting information on what projects your supporters are interested in, or their interest areas in general, either by manually adding it after a conversation, or automatically after they have made a donation to a specific project, or by asking them about their interests in a survey which feeds directly onto their record. Now imagine the emails you can create for a group that you know are invested in a specific focus such as education, medical, international aid etc. Instead of spending too much time trying to explain why the mission is important, you can instead focus more on the detail and getting them excited about what it is you’re doing. This can entirely change the dynamic of what you’re writing, the subject line you can use and more.

Reflect if there’s a crucial piece of information that impacts how you already (or might want to) interact with supporters. If you don’t currently have a way to track it then a custom field can be a great option to let you truly tailor your messages.

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