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Common questions

Do you offer implemenation support?

Absolutely - we offer several different packages depending on how much assistance you would like. Our packages range from a mostly DIY option all the way up to bespoke packages with tailored consultation. Get in touch to find out more.

Do you offer ongoing support?

CiviPlus offers helpdesk packages which provide dedicated, reliable ongoing support. If you have any issues you can raise a ticket and will receive assistance covering general support via email or phone as requested.

Can you help with data migration?

All of our CiviPlus onboarding packages will provide you with a specially designed data upload guide to help you add all of your data to the platform with ease.

If you would like additional support with data migration we have a basic and enhanced package available depending on your needs. Please ask for more information if you are interested.

Do I need training with CiviPlus?

While CiviPlus is a modern intuitive CRM, we recommend training in order to get the most out of your new CRM and familiarise yourself more quickly with all the features and areass of the platform.

Each of our implementation packages (other than the DIY option) includes training sessions. Depending on your package, you will be able to pick from a list of modules or tailor your own plan.

If your require additional training beyond this, our team would be happy to discuss how we might help.

Payment processing

Which payment processers do you use?

We currently offer Stripe as our payment processer and will be bringing GoCardless to the platform for direct debits in the very near future.


What is a user?

A user is someone with access to the CRM area of CiviPlus.

Are people with access to just the portal counted as users?

No, people with portal logins only are counted as contacts. Those with access to the CiviPlus CRM area are considered users under our pricing model.

How do I know if the contact based or user based pricing is better for me?

We have designed flexible pricing models understanding that nonprofit organisations all have very different needs and operate on varying on scales.

We recommend the user based model if you have a very small team but require a higher number of contacts.

Otherwise the contact based model is the most popular model and would best suit most organisations.

If you have any further questions or would like more advice on this, please get in touch to discuss.

What if I need more than 40,000 emails per month?

Additional email packages are available on request if your require the capacity to send extra emails.


What security and backup measures are in place for CiviPlus?

Security is of the utmost importance and we have a dedicated security page with all the information about the procedures we have in place to keep CiviPlus and your data secure.

Where is data hosted on CiviPlus?

CiviPlus data is hosted on Amazon Web Services, by default on their UK servers. If you would like to discuss an alternative hosting location, please get in touch.

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