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Gift Aid Calculator

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Gift Aid Calculator

Gift Aid is a UK initiative that allows charities to reclaim 25p for every £1 donated by UK taxpayers, boosting your funds without extra cost to donors. For example, a £20 donation becomes £25, enhancing your ability to support important causes.

This additional funding helps sustain projects, launch new initiatives, and address social issues more effectively, especially crucial for smaller charities. To maximise this benefit, we've introduced a Gift Aid calculator.

This tool helps you and your donors see the enhanced value of contributions, fostering greater generosity and ensuring lasting positive change.

How can you collect Gift Aid?

Collecting Gift Aid manually requires gathering donor declarations, maintaining records, and submitting claims to HMRC. This process is time consuming and prone to errors, demanding significant administrative effort.

CiviPlus automates Gift Aid collection and submission to HMRC with a single click, saving time and reducing errors. This allows your charity to focus more on your mission and less on paperwork.