Keeping your data secure

Security by design

In the modern digital landscape, data security matters more than ever. That's why CiviPlus is supported by security infrastructure which ensure that your data is kept in a secure, reliable and GDPR compliant environment.

Tailor your settings

CiviPlus lets you tailor security to match your organisation's policies

Password protection

CiviPlus allows you to enforce password policies with a wide variety of different options to ensure your team uses stronger passwords.

Session management

Monitor sessions to ensure that logins are not being made without your knowledge and blocks any suspicious IPs from accessing CiviPlus.

Permission control

Assign a number of predefined roles and permissions which grant different levels of access to the platform, including a read only role.

Session expiration

CiviPlus will expire your session after a defined amount of time ensuring that users do not need to remember to logout.

Two factor authentication

Provide users with the option to opt-in for Two Factor Authentication for enhanced password security*

SSO compatible

CiviPlus can be integrated with a number of Single Sign-On solutions including Amazon Cognito*

*Available on request

Our infrastructure

What we do behind the scenes to keep your platform and data secure

AWS hosted

Secured using Multi Factor Authentication and AWS’s extensive security accreditations. Information on AWS compliance.

Private subnet

Our compute resources and databases which store your data are not accessible directly from the Internet.

Data encryption

All data (e.g. records, passwords, payment details and files) are encrypted both at rest in your database and in transit between your browser and the platform.

Data backups

Backups are taken every day and kept for 14 days. These are stored across AWS Availability Zones with 99.999999999% availability. More info here.

Regular scans

We run regular security scanning of the CiviPlus infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring to patch these within a suitable space of time.

Credit card processing

All credit card processing is performed offsite by our credit card processing partner “Stripe” who are PCI compliant.

Our Accreditations

Cyber Essentials Certified

CiviPlus is proud to be Cyber Essentials certified as a sign of our commitment to cyber security measures.

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