CiviPlus at the Trade Association Forum’s Best Practice Exchange

CiviPlus at the Trade Association Forum’s Best Practice Exchange
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Last week we had the opportunity to sponsor the Trade Association Forum’s Best Practice Exchange conference! We had an absolutely fantastic time on one of the hottest days of the year so far, meeting many many new faces as they turned up for a fantastically organised event.

Having enjoyed the event so much, we thought we’d share just 6 of our highlights!

Best Practice Exchange 2023 stand
CiviPlus at our stand

1. The people

Despite the temperature, there were around 200 people who attended on the day making it a wonderful opportunity to connect with new people. This gave us the chance to meet with a variety of representatives from incredibly diverse associations and our fellow suppliers. We thoroughly enjoyed all our conversations throughout the event and couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to spend the day with!

2. The venue

The  Royal College of General Practitioners headquarters was a fantastic venue for the day, with great open spaces perfect for interaction and rooms well designed for all the amazing sessions delivered (more on them in a bit!). It was also perfectly located, right next to Euston station making it simple for delegates (and ourselves!) to get to.

3. The raffle

How do you encourage attendees to speak to all the sponsors at an event? The Trade Association Forum decided the answer was to hold a very special raffle! By talking to the different suppliers you could collect raffle tickets, where the top prize was a luxury hamper. A great way to encourage conversations, it also added a nice moment of excitement at the end of the day as the winner was announced during the drinks reception!

Best Practice Exchange 2023 Booklet
The prize draw and some of the sessions

4. The food

A hallmark of a great event is the quality of the food and the Best Practice Exchange proved here why it was such a good one. There was a perfect amount of choice with our personal highlight being the very moreish mini croissants. All of this was of course topped off with the drinks reception at the end of the day - a mainstay of our favourite events!

5. The sessions

What most of the attendees came for was of course the thoughtfully created sessions with their insightful presenters. Across three different rooms, the sessions provided a fantastic variety of different topics with highly relevant and topical matters for the associations’ sector. From wide interest topics like recruitment and member engagement to discussions about international trade, climate change and devolution, an impressive amount of ground was covered. From our talks throughout the day, it seemed everyone got some really interesting takeaways to take back into their own associations!

Best Practice Exchange 2023 Selfie
Time for a quick selfie!

6. Chatting CiviPlus!

We’d be lying if we didn’t say one of our favourite things to do at any event is to chat CiviPlus. And as we’ve already mentioned we had a wonderful amount of conversations with a wide variety of people from so many different associations around the UK. Some saw that we were there and made a beeline to talk to us, eager to discuss CRMs (something we’re always happy to talk about!) and others were drawn in by the stress balls we were giving away or to pick up a cheeky chocolate to munch during the next session. Whatever the reason, we thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and look forward to catching up with all the wonderful people we met in the future, possibly at other upcoming events!


The Trade Association Forum’s Best Practice Exchange was a rousing success, and we were so pleased to have been a part of it. We look forward to engaging even more with the TAF community throughout the year.

If you too would like to discuss CiviPlus with us then you needn’t wait for the next time we’re out and about, you can chat with us now by getting in touch with us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Howdy y’all,

We are delighted to announce a new integration of CiviCRM with Open Social, a community engagement platform.

CiviCRM is the number one open source CRM for not-for profits, used by more than 11,000 organisations worldwide, and Open Social is a leading community engagement platform, used by over 1000 organisations in a range of different industries from Charities to member organisations and companies also.

It’s exciting news for organisations using CiviCRM, who will now be able to combine the power of CiviCRM with the collaboration and community building that the Open Social platform provides.
If you’ve not heard of community platforms before, a community platform is a tool that allows your organisation to create your own branded and tailored social network. Users of the platform (normally your members or supporters) can interact, join groups to share knowledge and exchange ideas, publish and promote events and collaborate within a safe online curated space. With a community platform you can expand your digital offer and strengthen your relationship with your supporters.

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Open Social is open source (much like CiviCRM) and as such has no user licences fees. This means it can be deployed affordably to scale to even the largest of communities. It’s also flexible with a huge range of different add-on modules that can be integrated to enhance the platform.

Our new two-way integration between Open Social and CiviCRM syncs data between the two platforms allowing information about the groups and committees that members have joined to be seamlessly synced to CiviCRM. You can even create Open Social groups and manage their membership directly from within CiviCRM, which would be useful for managing private groups in the case of committees or working groups.

By combining the data of a community platform with that in your CiviCRM your organisation can obtain deep insights into your members' interests and behaviours. You can see which groups are popular and engage with your members on topical issues, automating communications and tailoring their experience.

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Example of another title

A great example is a recent implementation for the UN’s PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment). Their user community includes over 2,900 organisations with over 40,000 individuals spread across 6 continents. Their Community Platform now supports discussions between 24,000 users with over 750 online collaboration spaces. The data is seamlessly synced to their CRM allowing for deep insight guiding their policy engagements.

As Open Social partners, we would be delighted to help you start your journey with Open Social and help you build your online community. We can help you through both the implementation and the CiviCRM integration (or other CRM integration such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM).

Please contact us through our website or by email at

Further information about Open Social can be found at their website:

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