CiviPlus 101: Give your charity a digital powerup

CiviPlus 101: Give your charity a digital powerup
September 29, 2022
29/9/2022 2:00 PM

What you will learn

What is CiviPlus?

How it helps charities like you

How you can get started

As you grow your charity, it can be harder to maintain a personalised experience for your donors while meeting all of the many demanding challenges that come your way. That’s why it’s vital to have a digital toolset that can automate your processes and will empower you to tailor your donors’ experience.

Introducing CiviPlus.

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at how CiviPlus empowers nonprofits to achieve better results and how it's been created with a mission to provide a digital powerup to all charities, no matter their size.

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