Your future major donors are closer than you think

Your future major donors are closer than you think
October 20, 2022
20/10/2022 2:00 PM

What you will learn

What major donor status means

Ways to attract them

How you can get access to more!

For many charities, attracting major donors is an essential part of sustaining and growing operations. But not all charities look at major donors the same way - a major donation can mean a very different thing depending on your size.

In this webinar we'll be taking a look at what exactly a major donor is and what kind of treatment you might look to give them in order to ensure their continued support.

More than that we'll be exploring various ways you can attract new major donors through conventional and less discussed means. Many of your future major donors are much closer than you think and we'll be giving you a roadmap to help you find them!

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